Architectural concept

OKOL Lake Park’s architecture is modern, minimalist, characterized by clean details, natural light, feeling of openness and focus on the living space quality.

At OKOL Lake Park every home is unique due to the diverse landscape and the customized architectural solutions. All buildings and interior spaces are oriented towards the most beautiful views and exposures.

The state-of-the-art interiors are developed in following OKOL Lake Park’s architectural concept. Every house in OKOL is a unique reflection of the spirit and character of its residents.

Construction Concept

OKOL Lake Park construction concept was designed to offer a high-quality building product with longer shelf life and easy maintenance.

OKOL Lake Park’s construction concept is based on the following high-tech & innovative construction solutions and materials.


The plots are offered as part of a combined agreement for house design and construction


Construction without wet processes


The urban development parameters are Floor Area Ratio of about 0.3 and a maximum of two floors


Contemporary style


The properties cannot be purchased partially finished


The houses have a fully finished exterior design and landscaping of the yard with irrigation system. The properties cannot be purchased partially finished


Clear height in all premises is 10 feet (3.05 m)


10-year full warranty of all construction works, furniture and equipment


Infrastructure – entirely new and adapted to the terrain
-Main energy source – electricity
with overall length of over21 km. and width of 22 m or 11 m completed with sidewalks, pedestrian and bicycles lines
-Water supply
drinking water is provided from “Rilski vodoprovod” and water for irrigation needs is provided by the Iskar River
-Sewage system
separate for wastewater with 5 high-tech wastewater treatment plants and aboveground for rainwater
-Power supply
provided through a system of trafo stations

Level of completion

All properties at OKOL Lake Park are delivered in turn-key condition and cannot be partially finished.
Each house in OKOL Lake Park has a fully finished exterior design and landscaping of the yard with irrigation system.

The minimum level of completion of the interior is:

  • „Premium Standard“ – including flooring or cladding on floors, walls and ceilings, installed interior doors, fixed furniture, completed and equipped bathrooms and toilets, completed and equipped kitchens with appliances, lightings in all rooms.


  • „Premium Plus“ – adds movable furniture, movable appliances and lighting fixtures, accessories, interior blinds, curtains, etc.