Lake-View Custom Homes

The land lots for the custom houses are located in the premium eastern part of the project, offering spectacular views of the Iskar Lake, Rila Mountain and the Balkan Range.

The area’s urban composition was developed in accordance with the terrain natural features to create an architectural amphitheater pointing all houses to the Iskar Lake.

The custom homes were and will be designed exclusively by OKOL Lake Park’s leading architects and interior designers, offering a tailor-made service to future owners.

The houses are developed in line with OKOL’s overall architectural concept and within the urban development parameters – Floor Area Ratio of about 0.4.

All plots for custom houses have the appropriate infrastructures, including:

  • Street infrastructure and year-round access to the plot
  • Connection to the power supply network
  • Connection to the water supply network
  • Connection to the sewage system of the complex

The land lots are provided as part of a combined agreement for house design and construction.

The price of the land lots is set at 150,000 EUR / decare, VAT inclusive.