Defined by open spaces, fresh air and captivating panoramas, OKOL Lake Park is located in a privileged setting, bordered by nature.

The golf & residential community is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, in the eastern parts of the Plana mountain. Situated on a vast plateau, OKOL Lake Park offers scenic views of the Iskar Lake and Rila, Plana and Vitosha mountains..

The microclimate of the area is characterized by a distinct combination of light winds, high number of sunny days, cool summer and mild winter. The location of the project is strategically chosen, taking into account the exceptional natural beauty of the area and the convenient year-round access from the capital and the Borovets resort.

OKOL Lake Park is located on the outskirts of the Gorni Okol village in Samokov Municipality, on a magnificent hilltop ridgeline, at about 30 km from Sofia and 25 km from Borovets ski resort.


35km | 40min


15km | 10min


25km | 20min


50km | 45min


160km | 2h


Beech, white pine, spruce, black pine, oak, hawthorn, wild pear, spruce, blackberry and rosehip are typical for the flora in the region. Grasses and shrubs cover the vast plateau.

The animal world is represented by Central European species such as deer, boar, deer and wolves. Birds like woodpeckers, , storks, eagle eagles, vagrant falcons live in the region.

The project area does not include protected areas.