About the Project

OKOL Lake Park is set to be a new and modern living place – a complete innovative concept. The development will offer multiple amenities and numerous opportunities for an active healthy lifestyle, a place where you can live, work and enjoy leisure activities surrounded by nature.

OKOL Lake Park will be a unique location where all elements will be in synergy and in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. The project is inspired by the concept of a slow-paced healthy lifestyle and the idea is to combine the conveniences of modern living with close proximity to nature. Tranquility, clean air and sense of freedom will be an essential part of the daily life experienced by all guests and residents.

The total investment of OKOL Lake Park is estimated at around €300 million. The construction of the golf & residential community will unfold in several phases, and its overall development will take around 20 years. The project is designed with intensive care of the natural surrounding and follows all the principles of any sustainable project.

Total Area

3 000 decares

Total Project Area

Golf Course

650 decares

Managed by IMG

Pullman Hotel *****

149 keys

Managed by Accor

Green Areas

230 decares

Linear Park, Forest Park, Branded Park

Attraction Farm

20 decares

Animal Farm, Vegetable Garden, Horse Base


23 km

Completely new, incl. roads, electricity, water supply

Sport Facilities

50 decares

Sports and Adventure Center, Adventure Park

Educational Facilities

15 decares

OKOL Kindergarten and Park School

Public and Retail Area

30 decares

Office Areas, Farmers Market, Restaurants, Medical Center, Services



The OKOL Lake Park Master Plan was developed in 2014 by the leading French urban planning company Egis Group, in association with Atelier Villes & Paysages and the golf architects from European Golf Design.

The Master Plan has been comprehensively designed to provide synergy between all of the project elements and to well position the golf course, the public and the residential areas.

The residential area location was carefully selected in accordance with the terrain specifics and aiming to provide easy access and offer each home with the best possible surrounding views.

The different areas and their functionalities are balanced with the existing natural resources and reflect the desire to create an open community which interacts with the environment and local society.

Egis Group is an internationally recognized construction and engineering holding company, ranked among Europe’s Top 10 and the World’s Top 20.

The urban concept and vision of OKOL Lake Park was developed by the internationally renowned Selin Maner Architects Studio, lead by Senior Architect Selin Maner. 

The Detailed Territorial Plan of OKOL Lake Park started on August 30, 2017, and was developed by Markan Project Ltd. It is characterized with low building parameters including low height and density of the residential buildings.

The final urban planning vision and design were developed by the team of Golf Okol EOOD, lead by Architect Petko Marinov. The approach offers a unified architectural vision and organization of all elements.

OKOL Lake Park’s aim is to achieve maximum synergy, comfort of living and harmony between different elements of the surrounding environment.



Markan Holding AD is the capital investor and developer of OKOL Lake Park. The company manages an investment portfolio of holdings in more than 15 subsidiaries in different sectors of the economy, mainly in the construction, hospitality and real estate industries.

Together with the other subsidiaries of the group, the holding covers the full range of activities in the construction sector – pre-project research and development, design, construction and maintenance of electrical, plumbing, water and sewerage installations, and also interior design.

Markan Ltd. is the flagship of the group, being established in 1993. The company is one of the most successful construction businesses in Bulgaria, with impeccable reputation and an impressive portfolio of completed projects.Dedicated to the vision of developing world-class projects, Markan Holding is working on OKOL Lake Park’s project in partnership with some of the leading international companies and professionals around the world.


OKOL Lake Park is being developed in different stages and the construction will be carried out in several phases. Phase 1 is scheduled for the first two years and thanks to the extremely detailed plan, will have its own sense of completion.

The construction of Phase 1 has secured financing and started in August 2020. Phase 1 will be completed in the second half of 2022, when the following project elements will be put into operation:

International Championship Golf Course with functional Clubhouse, world-class Golf Academy & Practice Facilities and modern Golf Maintenance Building

5* Pullman Okol Golf Resort & Spa Hotel and branded houses Pullman

Studios and Lofts

Terraced houses

Custom houses on the golf course

Lake-view custom houses

Stand-alone houses type B

Linear park and Forest park

Road infrastructure – access roads and Ring road

Electrical infrastructure – transformers and electrical power grid, optical Internet network

Water and sewerage infrastructure – water tank, water supply network, piping network for irrigation needs, wastewater and rainwater networks, wastewater treatment plants

The next stage of development of the project includes the elements in the Centre, the Farm, and the Adventure Park, as well as the residential areas in the Center and on the golf course.

The realization of all the houses is expected to take about 10-15 years, at a rate of about 60-70 houses per year.