A place you would never leave because you can live, work and play here… This is the story of OKOL Lake Park – new, independent and fully functional. The complex provides all the comforts of a modern life and many opportunities for recreation close to nature.

OKOL Lake Park is an exclusive environment that creates a contemporary alternative to the urban environment. You can build your home in closer proximity to nature and still enjoy all the amenities and opportunities of the modern world.

The freedom to choose is what lies in the heart of the life at OKOL Lake Park. Whether you wish to spend your free time in nature, focus on your work, or just spend some time with your family, OKOL Lake Park is the place.


Swimming / Pool

Spa and Wellness


Mountain Bike


Horseback Riding









Rock Climbing

Adventure Golf

Rope Park

Zip Park


Water Ski

Wake board





The healthy and active lifestyle is essential for the concept of OKOL Lake Park. The Sports and Adventure Center is the key element playing the role of a sports hub that provides various opportunities and many adventure activities.

The center will be a multifunctional facility with indoor and outdoor areas offering fitness and various group activities, a water area with swimming pools, a children’s area, sports fields and halls.

In addition, the Adventure Center will offer a variety of activities around OKOL Lake Park through specialized instructors and the provision of sports equipment.

The Sports and Adventure Center will be a true Home of Cycling, celebrating all its diversity. The center will offer cycling equipment and a variety of guided bike rides with various difficulty (road, mountain bike, downhill, etc.). A bike center with repair service, a bike shop and a velocafe are planned to be the center of the social life of the community.



OKOL Lake Park is designed with special attention for the children and their childhood to the fullest. Plenty of indoor and outdoor playing opportunities will be available, complemented by the convenience to go to school by foot within the neighborhood.


A Kindergarten will be opened at OKOL Lake Park in the first phase. Students will be provided with transportation to the American English Academy or other schools in Sofia and Samokov.

As the complex develops and number of residents increases, the OKOL Park School, with a capacity of 340 students, will be opened. The school will offer a Dual Language Program (in Bulgarian and English) for students from Preschool to 8th grade.

The school campus will be located in a beautiful park environment, combining spacious interior and exterior spaces and will be equipped with the latest technologies. In addition, students will be able to take advantage of all OKOL Lake Park opportunities and assets – the surrounding nature, the farm, the adventure center, the golf course, the Iskar Lake and the ski slopes of Borovets.

Playing Outdoors

OKOL Lake Park aims to offer a complete and balanced environment – functional, accessible, comfortable, safe and aesthetical, with gorgeous landscaping and park-like open spaces.

The bicycle and pedestrian paths along all streets of OKOL Lake Park are a combination of active and passive spaces – attractive play zones, various rest areas with park furniture and public art (sculptures and installations), picnic areas, playgrounds and pets walking areas.


At the OKOL Lake Park Farm, children will be able to learn how to care for the animals, how to grow fruits and vegetables and how beautiful and noble the horses are.

The farm will have a vegetable garden, a livestock farm raising sheep, cows and poultry, and a horse base. Open to children and tourist visits as an attraction farm, its produce will be also available on-site and at the Farmers Market in the Village Center.



The medical center at OKOL Lake Park will be taking care of the resident’s health needs, featuring family doctors, an emergency room and a telemedicine office.

It will be equipped with specialized transport and will provide adequate emergency service and quick connection with Sofia’s healthcare infrastructure.

The telemedicine cabinet will be affiliated with leading medical professionals who will offer priority healthcare to OKOL Lake Park residents.



Property Management

The full range of property management services of OKOL Property Management Company will give the residents the opportunity to break away from the usual recurring home maintenance obligations. Available 24/7, the property team will provide basic support, addressing waste, cleanliness, landscaping, repairs and their administration, as well as any other needs, in the form of customized a la carte services:


House cleaning

Yard cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance, emergency and ongoing repairs

Fireplace maintenance | BBQ service

Door-to-door delivery

Courier services


Pet care

Car service

Transport services

Vale, parking

Administration, payment of fees, insurance, household bills and more

The properties at OKOL Lake Park will benefit from a variety of property management packages, the price of which will range from 0.70-1.20 EUR / sq.m.

Safety and security

The philosophy of “My home is my fortress” will not apply at OKOL Lake Park as we aim to create an environment without barriers – both physical and figurative. Our goal is to provoke people to be open-minded, to communicate and to share.

Therefore, there will be no high walls at OKOL Lake Park. In the same time the environment will be calm and secure – through discreet video surveillance, security systems and security patrols that can react within minutes.

Safety and security at OKOL Lake Park will be provided as a part of the property management services by a leading security company.

Contemporary work environment

Тhe overall concept of a fully functional settlement is completed by the modern working environment that the innovative office spaces at OKOL Lake Park will offer.

Both residents and innovative companies looking for nature inspiration for their employees will have access to the work-ready state-of-the-art office spaces.


The Farmers Market at OKOL Lake Park will be a place filled with fresh, locally produced goods, tempting from the small specialized stores where it’s not only pleasant to shop but also to sit and enjoy:

Boucherie – butcher shop with fresh meat, meat products and grill

Fromagerie – cheese, wine and sweet shop

Fruiterie – a fruit and vegetables shop

Boulangerie – a bakery offering bread and pastry

Especially for the residents of OKOL Lake Park, food and other supplies delivery will be provided through an online application.

The culinary wishes of the residents and guests of OKOL Lake Park will be met at the various restaurants and F&B outlets:

Fine Dining at the Club House on the Golf Course and at the Pullman Hotel’s A la carte restaurant

Bulgarian, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurants in the Village center

Lunch menu in the office area

Home-made food, fresh sandwiches, fresh drinks and beverages at the Farmers Market

Commercial Services

In addition to the basic amenities, OKOL Lake Park will also offer a wide range of services:

Bank office with ATM

Pharmacy and Drogerie

Laundry and dry cleaning

Car wash

Hairdressing and beauty salon

The complex will also provide commercial spaces for rent.